Thursday, June 13, 2013

Potentially the Best Part of Pride

Dear Drag World,

Over the past few years my interest (borderline obsession) with drag has driven me to make pilgrimages to drag centers from West Hollywood to Miami, so I was ecstatic when I heard that some of the top drag queens in the country were coming to SLC pride.

I saw Chad Micheals preform alongside Nova Star, while Detox, Willam, and Vicky Vox put on a full concert at the Depot, and I swear I saw Yara Sofia and Shangela strolling through city creek. But potentially the best performance I saw was this little gem on Sunday afternoon. In her first time on a main stage, young Miss Augustine St. Lavon showed great potential, and her performance was potentially the best part of pride.


Now, when I say Augustine St. Lavon has potential, I don’t mean it in the snarky “well...she’s got potential” voice. I mean she’s brimming with young, vibrant, possibility. She’s nervous, you can tell by the way she flips her hair and paces the stage, but there are times when the music hits her and she starts to dance. At these moments she really starts to show her potential and perform. She’s on beat, she’s got great, sharp musicality, and she’s got attitude.

 Her look is subdued, she doesn’t even wear heels, but it’s fishy and clean. Far too many new queens come out looking like cheap Ga-Gas or a crusty Marilyn Mansons, it was nice to see a kid going after something beyond gritty-skanky-shock factor. I have also seen a few photos of Augustine in some really interesting avant-garde photo-shoots. I hope we get to see her working more intense looks soon.

Potentially the greatest things about Miss St. Lavon's  performance was how emblematic it was of Salt Lake City and the LGBT movement within it. The movement is young, but vibrant. It’s coming along, not violently or shockingly, but securely, confidently, almost sweetly. The culture in SLC, though reluctant to change, has great potential for love and acceptance.

 Nothing is better for this movement than brave, talented kids pushing through their nerves, facing down the crowd, and showing their potential.

What do you think of Augustine St. Lavon's Performance? What parts of SLC pride did you like?Comment below and check in for updates and insight into the SLC drag scene,

Hugs n' Tugs, 

Femalé Amerícän 

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